Scenes from the “Painted Warrior” shoot.

For this shoot I travelled to Browning, Montana to work with a wonderful Blackfeet woman

named Marie Gussman. Marie along with her husband Andrew, painted their Medicine Hat horse

“Shalish Warrior” for this new art. This horse is related to the “Warrior” line of horses.

I added details to this art that I haven’t before. The 4 circles are actually the setting sun that I shot while at Marie’s ranch.

The wide slash of red is a section of the sun. I included the sun because of the importance to the Blackfeet.

The sun is considered the Supreme Chief and the source of all good life.

There are 4 suns because the number 4 is very important to their spirituality.

At the famous C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT – a relative of “Painted Warrior”

is on display (taxidermy) in a full sized buffalo hunt complete with a buffalo and a model of a Blackfeet

Brave shooting an arrow from his back during the chase.

Painting by Marie.

The shoot took place in around pen.

Taking a break.

My wife travelled with me on this trip. We slept in this tipi which is illuminated

by a fire I built to lessen the chill of the mountain air.

Contact Marie’s neighbor, Darrell Norman at the Lodgepole Gallery if you too would like this experience.

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