Scenes from the “After…” Photo Shoot.

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

I did the Sioux Pony shoots in 2010 and shot this photo the same year. On this page I want to acknowledge my friend

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard. It is LaDonna who I first contacted at the Standing Rock Reservation where at the time

she was in charge of the tribe’s tourism office. They get visits and inquiries from interested tourists from all over the world.

LaDonna has a vast lmowledge of the history of her tribe and the Plains Indians. After talking with her about my

War Pony Project by phone she began to research on the Reservation for someone who might be interested in helping

me and would want to share their history through this art project. This process took 1 year. During this time I had

many phone conversations with LaDonna, talks where she patiently increased my education and knowlege of her tribe, the plight of Indians in

general and her hopes and prayers for healing. Healing of all cultures to work together, to make this a better world.

You might recognize LaDonna’s name from the tragedy with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

I’m blessed to know her and so appreciative of her help introducing me to Karol Two Bears and family and through

the Two Bears to get to know and work with Lisa Yellow Luger too.

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