Open Spaces

It’s that time of the year….Time to say Thanks!
I’m thankful for all who have the interest and take the time to see what I do. I’m thankful too for my family, friends, clients & patrons, freedom, differing opinions,the internet, seasons….and so much more.
Here’s a photo of one of the things I’m most thankful for: Open Spaces.

Open Space of the West

Open Spaces

New Art! Meet ‘Tomahawk’

New Art!  Meet ‘Tomahawk’ a new piece for my War Pony Project. He was painted by Lisa Yellow with help from Palani Luger on the Standing Rock Reservation in Ft. Yates, ND. Loved working with these two. After the painting and the shoot I returned to my studio for more than 40 hours of tuning and creating the new background. This new art will be available as limited edition prints and soon as posters on my Willette Fine Art site. Hope you like him as much as I do.

Tomahawk, new art for the War Pony Project.

Tomahawk, Sioux War Pony

Running Horses

On one of the days that I was on the Standing Rock Reservation in ND, Lisa who was going to be painting 2 horses for me let me know that 800 head of cattle were going to be driven down out of the hills of the ranch to be sorted in the corrals and pens. Okay, I got a bit excited, me being there with cameras and long lenses. This is one of a few shots that I’ll be sharing of this event.
Cattle drive on North Dakota Ranch

Cattle drive on North Dakota Ranch

Young Roper

More from the Trip West

Young roper…future bull rider.

Trip West

I just returned from a nearly 2400 mile road trip West. I did 3 shoots of War Ponies for my art project

and visited with some gallery owners.

Great trip, Wonderful people and scenery! I’ll be sharing some of the photos and stories here.

I thought this was an interesting brand on a horse. The “broken heart” brand.

The War Pony Project.

NEW ART AVAILABLE:  Posters and Limited Edition Prints of Crow War Pony-2 are now available. The prints are the same superb quality that are in

the Smithsonian and the posters are printed on acid free satin photo paper. Looks beautiful displayed in your home and makes a wonderful gift.

They can be ordered by clicking on the Links/Ordering Site of the menu above.

Crow War Pony-2 Poster

 NEW WORK:  I just completed Crow War Pony-2. This striking, fast, black pony was painted by Kennard Real Bird and the shoot took place

October 2011 in a corral on his ranch. It was autumn and the corral was dusty. After doing my usual removal of all of the background elements

I painted in the blurred snow and the new background. This piece looks spectacular big. Thanks for taking a look!

Crow War Pony-2

UPDATE:  Posters of Crow War Pony-1 are now being sold by

the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

This beautiful posterwith the Smithsonian Institution icon can only be purchased in the store.

I highly recommend that if you get the opportunity – see the exhibit and buy the poster.

Crow War Pony-1 at Smithsonian store.