Sioux War Pony-1

Scenes from the Sioux Pony shoot.

Slim -” Sioux War Pony 1 “

” After… “

For this shoot I travelled to Cannonball, ND. Cool name for a community, huh?!  It’s near Ft. Yates which is the seat of the Standing Rock

Reservation on the western shore of the Missouri River. I went to the Two Bears Ranch and was helped by Karol Two Bears, her Uncle Tony, her

sister Jaci and her good friend Lisa Yellow. They painted 2 horses and drove them at my camera. I’ve done my art to one of the horses – Slim.

On the ranch –

Lisa’s daughter, Noelle, waiting for us to get goin’.

Getting Slim ready.

Test runs with Slim before final painting.

I had the opportunity to photograph Karol and Jaci’s daughters in traditional dress.

Brothers Al and Tony Two Bears with Al’s grandsons watching the shoot.

Lisa’s daughter with her pony.

Me with a coyote pup.