Customer Comments

Customer Comments

• The poster is very special to us. On Dec. 8, 2012 my daughter lost her horse. He severed his hind tendon and it was not surgically repairable

and he had to be put down. It has been a devastating loss. Joey was a Palomino Paint and very similar to the horse in your photo. When I saw

your poster my heart jumped. I love what you are doing and wish you the very best. The whole concept is a wonderful tribute to the Horse. When

you think about it, domesticating the horse was every bit as life altering as many of our current technologies.

Your poster too is life altering in that it is helping to mend a young girl’s broken heart and revive her soul. Thanks again for your work.

Allison A.  /  Elizabeth, CO


•  I just wanted you to know that I received my art, all in one piece! The packaging was perfect. My neighbor signed for it and I got it last night.

It is awesome, I love it! I wish you continued success on the War Pony Project, and would love to keep your contact information for any new

programs you might be involved in, similar to the museum here in DC.

Meridena K.  /  Washington, DC


•  A quick note about the War Pony that I bought. Absolutely everyone who sees it is mesmerized. They all sort of stammer and then say things

like, “That’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”  It just does something wonderful to people, as it does to me. I think that is a very

appropriate response when one views something filled with spirit and beauty and honesty.

Karen N.  /  Knoxville, TN


•  With Crow War Pony-1 I surprised my husband for the first time with a present he did not figure out ahead of time! He was truly thrilled with

the print. Crow Pony will forever thunder from our walls. The vivid color and energy of the image brings never ending joy to our home.

Kris D.  /  Raleigh, NC


•  I’ve been collecting art for over 35 years and the Crow War Pony is certainly one of my most beautiful pieces. We do love it.

Wendy S.  /  Show Low, AZ


•  I received your stunning art yesterday and want to let you know that I am in complete awe of the beauty of this piece!!

Gwen M.  /  New York, NY


•  I find it hard to walk away from “After…”. My friends say he is captivating. Thank you Brady for your help with the framing and the prompt

shipping and delivery. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you!

Pat S.  /  Kerrville, TX


•  HI,  Just got my poster yesterday, and it is phenomenal!  Going to take it to drop off for framing tomorrow.  I have the perfect spot for it in my

office! Thanks again for your help and your excellent work.

My college roomies and I just decided that we are going to D.C. for our GF weekend trip in October.  I can’t wait to get to the Museum of the

American Indian to see your photos there!  I may have to buy the other three posters! Happy shooting!

Sincerely,  Kate  Downers Grove, IL.


•  I received the War Pony poster yesterday and cannot wait to have it framed and put on my wall! It’s gorgeous and has instantly become one of

my favorite pieces. Thank you!

Best, Christi  Rochester, MN