“Sitting Bull” – Chief Series-1

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“Sitting Bull”  Chief Series-1

New Art Series, the "Chief Series"

I’ve been thinking and designing this new series in my mind for quite awhile.

It is my hope that viewing this addition to the War Pony Project will incline the viewer to think about the Indian Nation

as well as the Horse and Buffalo Nations….and all that was lost with the rapid settling and ownership of the West.

Much has written about the settling of the West. My reading and research keeps reinforcing my great sense of loss the Tribes

of the Great Plains must have felt as they witnessed their long history of freedom ending as they were being starved out

and moved to reservations.

I have blended 4 images to create this piece. The pony “Blue Hail Storm” was shot running in a dusty corral. To that I added a scene

of a large hillside I shot in the Black Hills and a river crossing of Buffalo (bison). The portrait of Chief Sitting Bull is from the National Archives

photo library. In the background of his portrait, I wrote Articles II and XVI from the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. This is where the boundaries

for the Great Sioux Nation Reservation were described. Only 7 years later the U.S. government began to go back on their word when gold was

discovered in the Black Hills and from then on continued to reduce the area and “save” the least productive land for the Indians.

It has been my goal from the start of the War Pony Project to get viewers to think about Freedom. With the Chief Sitting Bull art I hope

we will all think about the loss of so much Freedom.