Painted Warrior – Blackfeet Shoot

Scenes from the Painted Warrior shoot.

“Painted Warrior”




For this shoot I travelled to Browning, Montana to work with a wonderful Blackfoot woman

named Marie Gussman. Marie along with her husband Andrew, painted their Medicine Hat horse

“Shalish Warrior” for this new art. The Medicine Hat horse is considered to be sacred and to

possess supernatural powers of protection against harm. Medicine Hats were ridden in battle

only by Tribal Chiefs, Medicine Men and Great Warriors.


Marie painted symbols that she had received permission from the tribal leaders to use.


Marie preparing to add the second hand print. Andrew (Andrzej) holding Warrior

is a fantastic artist who beads with extreme detail, models of people that he creates.


The “horse whisperer” getting Warrior to move within the pen using only body language.


Taking a break.


The view of the Rockies looking toward Glacier Park from their front windows.

I shot the red sun used in the art from here, shown as a slice of the setting sun.

The sun is very important to the Blackfeet. Their traditional spirituality considers the Sun the Supreme Chief and

the source of all good in life. The number 4 is also very important so I included 4 circles.


My wife travelled with me and this tipi illuminated by a fire in the indoor fire pit was our lodging for the night.

Contact Marie’s neighbor, Darrell Norman at the Lodgepole Gallery for this great experience.